Website Design, SEO and Hosting

We have been working with local businesses since the 1990's. Currently, we focus on local small businesses doing design, SEO and hosting. We specialize in CMS products like Concrete 5, Wordpress, or the flavor of your choice. Website design in Kansas City is a compeditive field, and we take on jobs others may not. We have recovered lost/unresponsive sites, moved sites to new hosting, and worked with sites that show as hacked in Google Search. We are also experts in Google Local search and Google My Business (or whatever they change the name to next). 

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FREE local classes at MCPL Libraries. One series is on Google Business / Google Places and a second series is entitled Websites Without Software. 

I will be teaching a FREE class at several Mid Continent Public Library sites over the next few months. This is an introductory class to show attendees how to claim a business site (Google Places, The link to the class outline is here. Google My Business, Google Business) for their own business. Also, how to modify the listing to include critical business information as well as upload photos, videos, and business specials. Also included is a review of the site analytics, page views, etc. 

To see all of the locations and times, go to this url; and search for the title of the class; "Getting Your Business Listed in Google Local Search".

This is a FREE class.  Target audience is;

  1. Small business owner
  2. New business
  3. Or, just launching or building an online presence
  4. Or, focusing on building the online presence for existing business
  5. Or, just someone who wants to learn about how all this works
  6. Or, you have a website but are not satisfied with how it is performing
The basic outline of the classes will be here;
2:00 PM 2/2  North Independence 
7:00 PM 2/10  Raytown
6:30 PM  3/19  Buckner
7:00 PM 4/2 Liberty
2:00 PM 4/25  Edgerton


We are currently assisting local businesses with local Google Search listings. Google Local Search has listed thousands of companies, perhaps yours as well. Most of these are "unclaimed" and not doing the owner much good. We will act as a consultant in researching Google Local listings for your site, and managing that listing for you.

For help with your local Kansas City or Omaha business listing in Google Local Search, let us know. We can also assist with any business at any location, with the understanding that such work outside of Omaha, Kansas City, or surrounding areas would be provided remotely.

About Us

I'm an IT professional who has lived in the KC area for 20 years. I have a full time high profile high stress job in the IT Industry. I've done SEO, website hosting, website design, and local search consultation on the side since the late 1990's. I ride motorcycles, like cars and most vehicles. I enjoy helping a few local businesses get the most out of their online image.

I also have a few other skilled individuals I engage to help out on various projects, depending on the skills needed, and the timeliness required. That's one of the benefits of my job; I get to know people who know how to get things done.